I Matter - Breathe - Weekly

For anyone who wants to prepare for the day in challenging times

In these challenging times are you looking for a way to help the children you worry about?

Do you know that it is relationships that matter and that finding a way to manage the day is where it is at right now


The I Matter Breathe Podcast is a way to get your day started with an intent to be the person you want to be

Part education and part meditation reflection the I Matter Breathe is a short daily audio recording 


The Weekly FREE podcast arrives on a Sunday by email - you can register here

The Daily version - just £27 for 3 months - can be registered for here  - it will arrive by email each morning at 8.15am GMT

The Daily version is also offered to any member who has completed the First Steps,  


The I Matter - Breathe is an opportunity to use this time to build your own insight and skills so that you have practical offers that can help those you worry most about in your school, home or community setting.


Remember that your understanding and the way you show up in your day is KEY - you can make a difference