Phase 2: Senior Link Practitioner Certification


The Senior Link role is by application.  You must be a professional  member and to be a senior link for your organisation you must have  the formal support of your organisation for this role.  You will take part in a short workshop with preparation training. You will then be able to:

First Week of Month: Kendal ICC - Welcomes to new seniors
Second Week of Month - Senior Leaders Level 2
Third Week of Month - Kendal ICC - Developing Local Practice
Fourth Week of Month - Senior Leaders Level 2
Fifth week of month - interesting visitors

Certification is based on submitting a summary portfolio and presenting a summary of your key learning to an agreed audience

Please note due to the current COVID-19 situation and the relevance of this training to many situations we are currently working with our partners to fast track some of this core training.   If you are keen to take something forward please contact us for a conversation

The cost of this training for one senior link is covered as a standard by organisational membership.