This pre-recorded Introduction to I Matter for parents-carers in COVID times sets out why new thinking is needed when it comes to children's mental health and well-being. 

This is an opportunity that will get you thinking about what is possible in your role and community.  YOu can make a difference!

The Essentials of Attachment course is a 14 day email course with a 3 minute clip each day to think about.  Each day you will receive one Nugget for your collection.. You can look out for them and think about which are the most important and useful to you - as everyone is different.  Think about how you want to record them for yourself.   Don't forget to talk about them with people who matter to you.   As you collect Nuggets also stay on the look out for those GEMS!   THIS COURSE IS USUALLY PART OF THE FIRST STEPS COURSE.  ONLY TO BE USED SEPARATELY IN AGREED CIRCUMSTANCES.

GBP 35.00