Bursary Fund

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The I Matter Bursary Fund enables to offer bursaries and scholarships available to 

i) professionals  in small schools

ii) parents and carers on low incomes.

No one is offered a full bursary or scholarship,  Instead we offer bursaries based on 50% or 25% of the course fees

The bursary fund is managed by a Trustee group and an unincorporated association

Thank you for your support :)

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We use the I Matter Relationship Health Informed Practice Development Fund to help us share I Matter more widely

If you would like to support the I Matter Practice Development Fund that would be very much appreciated

Donations are put towards specific development projects and to our bursary fund.

Let us know if you have questions!   Thank you for your support :)

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We have recently established a Bursary Fund to support families with a Kendal GP who want to learn how to help their child.  

If you want to learn we want to support you.

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