Dr Cathy Betoin - Pre and Post Adoption Support 

Investment in high quality preparation and support in the early days of your placement is key to longer term success


Pre and Post Adoption Therapeutic Support that Supports Children and Teenagers and Adults 

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I specialise in supporting professionals and parents where there is a concern about a child or in relationships that has been present for more than 9 months and where a number of things have been tried that have not yet seemed to help. 

One of my specailist areas of interest is post adoption support.   The truth is I have seen a lot of support that starts too late....and is linked with difficulties that could have been prevented if the right training had been present at an earlier stage.

Adoption is a big life event for children and for adults.  So it is not wise to pretend otherwise. Well informed support is really really key
It will save you a lot of heart ache later on

In Pre and post adoption support my aim is to engage with both adults and young people affected by difficult circumstances or trauma helping everyone learn how to build their confidence and full potential in the context of happier and healthier relationships.

Following a specialist Assessment and Recommendations process, I offers a package of I Matter Training and services that draw on my training as a clinical psychologist and teacher and are designed to equip you with the fundamentals   These psychological services include:

  • I Matter Psycho-Education and Coaching
  • Liaison and core training with schools, health and community services
  • Specialist Consultation and oversight for staff in direct roles 
  • Certification support

My primary focus is always on the development or restoration of relationship health as when healthier relationships are in place, most other issues can progress and resolve with positive outcomes.

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Welcome to I Matter Services.  We are proud to offer highly recommended, private and confidential therapeutic services for children, teenagers and adults who are suffering with emotional and behavioural problems.   Dr Cathy Betoin and a growing team of qualified and experienced professionals use tried and tested techniques to help restore children and adults to their happier former selves.


How I Matter Therapeutic Services Can Help

As an established therapeutic service in the Kendal area we support children and teens and adults through a full variety of problems they bring to the sessions, no matter how big or small.   With no waiting to get booked in, before you know it you or your child will be talking with one of our experienced team about how they’re feeling, learning to understanding their thoughts and behaviours and developing strategies to change how they feel and act in order to live a happier life.

An I Matter Approach Helps:

+ Deepen your understanding  
+ Build a shared language  
+ Gain confidence   
+ Relieve stress  
+ Work with family & friends  
+ Improve routines  
+ Understand emotional triggers
& Much More, Just Ask

Why Choose Us?

+ Highly Qualified Practitioner  
+ Flexible working options  
+ Confidential & Safe  
+ Partnership provision with others 
+ Learn Tools To Cope  
+ longer Term Service options
+ Great Value Support Packages  

We are ready to help!