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Whether you are taking your first step into relationship health practice for preparation for a professional role, for professional development, or with decades of experience…

 I Matter Training has been providing innovative foundational relationship health based education and practice training to individuals with a professional and/or personal interest for over a decade.   The training is based on a careful integration of the research evidence on what helps children and adults 

If you feel called to support improved relationship health as a foundation for improved mental health, physical health, education and safer communities in your work or home setting, this training is for you.

Relationship Health promotes the health and happiness of adults, children, and  communities around the world

Learn an integrated way to think about and support relationships across the life span

Do you want to help improve child and adult wellbeing but feel like something is missing?

  • Do you believe relationship health education and care could be a respected, valued and well-paid profession but feel frustrated and don’t know where to start?

  • Do you believe the change needs to be social and cultural, and want to contribute to a fair and caring world?

  • Are you looking to connect with professionals who share your vision for a world in which relationship health is something we invest in and educate ourselves for?

  • Do you value an all age, inclusive life span perspective on the skills needed 

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Why Relationship Health Practice?

  • Underneath every mental health condition, school exclusion or crime statistic is a relationship health issue - or several.
    However relationship health as an issue has been overlooked.

  • Though relationship health affects everything promoting it has been no-one's priority

  • Under the majority of suicide attempts there will be at least one relationship-based contributor

All agencies recognise that relationships play a critical role across the lifespan yet this is the most neglected issue for the provision of quality physical and mental health care.

Relationship Health Practice has been overlooked in child and adult mental health practice and education and crime prevention - and you can make a difference.

Relationship Health is not something done to you.

You have to want it

You have to be willing to work at it
You need to find effective teachers and coaches
You have to be able to think for yourself

And sometimes feel lonely and misunderstood
You have to know how to put your ideas into words
And know how to listen and disagree and listen again
And compromise
And care

When you do all that...the result can be beautiful and very life enhancing

Imagine how planet earth might progress if we gave relationship health a central priority!

Relationship Health involves Team Work.

Here is an important detail.
You might be tempted to sign up to do this course all on your own
Its not what we advise

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Here's the thing: 

Its not impossible, but it is difficult, to take forward relationship health practice on your own
The I Matter Framework is designed to help you have conversations in a team at work or at home

In organisations, such as schools there can be a temptation for leaders to send their teaching assistants
But we know that it is much more important for it to start with senior leadership
Senior Leaders are those that set the tone
Just like in families

In families, it is common to look for help for the child
But we know it is vital for the adults to be informed about the part they are playing
And it is also much better if parents join with another family member
and have a well- informed school

When you take the time to build yourself a team
Then relationship health change is much easier to manage - and achieve.

Again, Imagine how planet earth might progress if we gave relationship health and team work and collaboration a central priority?!

Who is it for?

 Maybe you feel drawn to learning more about relationship health for personal or career interests but you have no qualifications or experience and no idea where to start.

You want to be a professional who changes lives but you don’t know how to demonstrate your value. You want best practise relationship health skills but you also need some help with the basics like how to get insurance, what your job title should be and how to actually get clients.

Relationship Health Education and Care Personal and Professional Training will show you how to do the relationship health work you were born to do, plus give you the business basics you need to get started straight away.

Maybe you are already working with relationships in a pastoral work role or as a specialist carer, foster carer or adopter but you want to work at a deeper level and don't have the qualifications.

You’ve been in a pastoral role  for years or even decades so you’ve seen the difficulties in relationship health for yourself but just haven’t been able to find the missing pieces. You want to continue the work you love but in a more leveraged and abundant way either in employment (ie. hospital) or outside of the system (ie. start your own business).

Relationship Health Education and Care Personal and Professional Training will give both deeper transformation for your clients and more rewarding and meaningful work for you.

Maybe you are already qualified in some other caring or healing profession and want to orient to or specialise in relationship health as a key specialist element of your practice.

You are a  psychologist, a therapist or a social worker, midwife, parenting coach a counsellor or similar but feel called to work more deeply with children and adults in their families and your community.  You love what you do and want to deepen your knowledge of the foundations of relationship health practice so to have a bigger impact.

Relationship Health Education and Care Personal and Professional Training will deepen your understanding of this all age area of practice and change the way you operate at work and at home

Just in case you are wondering..

Relationship Health Practice is about ALL relationships


Though we need to make some adjustments for each different type of
relationship, and relationships at different phases, there are a huge number of parallels

So....we are committed to building a workforce of
I Matter Informed Relationship Health Personal and Professional Practitioners 

Want to be part of the first generation?

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We are open for registration for Level 1-2

We run a rolling enrollment programme

Here’s What You’ll Learn in Level 1-2

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Relationship Health Personal and Professional Training is based on an integration of decades of research evidence and includes a 3 stage process including self-study modules that cover various elements of relationship health care, plus live classes for community and accountability.

Through this training, you will learn:


The Structure of I Matter Informed Relationship Health Learning Journey

Engage Level Courses Only:  
First Course, Fundamentals and Fundamentals in Schools
Discover relationship health and the I Matter Framework through small
group facilitated learning in your own community.
(Engage courses can be offered by Level 4-6)
Participants do not have access to an online learning account

I Matter Online Learning Journey

Levels 1-2 for Personal and Professional Development

Understanding the background to the I Matter Framework

Introduces the I Matter Framework fast paced over 4 weeks
To introduce key principles fast
The Level 1 provides more detail and includes reflective worksheets

Level 1:  
Relationship Health Theory Foundations
Become more informed about relationship health and how to
support relationship health in your own life


By application

Level 2:  
Relationship Health Theory to Practice
Develop your understanding of the details of putting 
relationship health theory into practice in your own life

By application

Level 3: LIving I Matter for supporting theory to practice over time
Relationship Health Extended Learning
Drill into the details of supporting the skills that progress
relationship health when challenges are present

Levels 4-6 for Professional and Practitioner Development

Level 4:  
Relationship Health  Lead Professional
For professionals interested in supporting relationship health
education and care in their own community
through offer of Engage programme and
small group study support for Level 1
Focus preparation and prevention - not high escalation

Level 5:  
Relationship Health Lead Plus Professional
For professionals in school settings supporting the progress
of a relationship health skills curriculum

Level 6:  
Relationship Health Advanced Practitioner
For experienced licensed professionals taking forward a
specialism in relationship health practice.
Focus strengthening, early intervention, and complex needs

I Matter Relationship Health Personal and Professional Development - Level 1

What you will learn in more detail

The Registration and Preparation

When you register you will have immediate access to the preparation content and to a link to register for a Getting Started Workshop  

You start with picking a focus relationship and with completing the preparation exercises.  The preparation course introduces the background to the development of the I Matter Framework and of Relationship Health practice.

Screenshot 2022-01-19 083055-green-red-green-people

Screenshot 2022-01-19 083055-green-red-green-people

The I Matter Getting Started Workshop

The I Matter Getting Started Workshop is a live interactive event which gets you started on your I Matter Learning Journey through introducing the I Matter Model

The I Matter Fundamentals course then introduces the I Matter Framework at a fast paced with new content introduced weekly for 4 weeks.  You will be introduced to concepts that have been well-established in the research literature as key to health and wellbeing of children and adults.  Together these concepts provide a practical map that supports individual and team reflection and decision making.  The first 4 weeks are supported by a course forum.

The Level 1: Learn I Matter - The Theory
For Professionals (and Determined Parents-Carers) 

Level 1 requires you to revisit the content of the Fundamentals with a view to reflecting on implications for your personal focus relationship  and wider roles.  The course includes a registration step plus 12 self-study modules that introduce essential concepts that underpin relationship health practice, plus live classes for community and accountability and optional small groups with Leads

Following this training, you will be able to:
Understand the importance of Relationship Health and its theory foundations
Understand what step
s to take to improve relationship health
Help you build solid foundations to help yourself have healthier and happier relationships
Option to play a Link role for an Organisation and to support Start on Org Certification

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Screenshot 2022-01-19 083055-green-red-green-people

The Level 2: Learn I Matter Theory to Practice 

Putting I Matter Informed Relationship Health theory to practice involves attention to some essential details.  Level 2 is by application and takes the form of a membership community.   Everyone in the community has a commitment to exploring the challenges of implementing relationship health practice in their own roles.  The membership community includes a growing range of general and targeted content to help you think about the everyday implementation challenges.  

The purpose of Level 2 training is to equip you to be able to:
Understand the importance of Relationship Health and key elements of theory to practice
Know what step
s to take to maintain and improve relationship health given the specifics of your own role

The Level 3: Living I Matter Extended Journey 

If you are in a situation with a child or other adult where there are longer term challenges then the pursuit of relationship health involves building skills over time in your personal roles and in your informal educator and coach roles  For Level 3 you will select an area of practice that you want to commit to working on over a period of at least 8 months.  Again this is an opportunity to work through generic and targeted training

The purpose of Level 3 training is to :
Support you as you deepen and extend your learning
Help you learn to use formative assessment to get results.
Understand how to create opportunities for relationship health skills building

Support a process of skills building over time for healthier and happier relationships

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We are building a team able to provide extra study support
via 1:1 and small group consultations

Option to Progress to I Matter Relationship Health Practitioner Development
Level 4-6 

Completion of Levels 1-3 provides the gateway to the Professional and Practitioner Training pathways.
The benefits of professional and practitioner training are multiple.   If this option is for you you will:

Work with individuals and organisations in your community to take forward I Matter Informed relationship health practice

✓ Provide practical and emotional support that supports relationship health skills progress in your setting

Share important information with your clients in a digestible form

Develop an integrated knowledge around supporting relationship health as a foundation for mental health and wellbeing

Take a lead on engaging children and adults in the I Matter approach to relationship health using our tried and tested learning pathways   

Empower people to understand how to help themselves and those they care about

Start your own business, get regular clients and earn the income you desire OR use what you learn within your existing career

Contribute to our 'relationship health matters' movement

Organisational Membership and Certification 

Relationship Health Practice is all about relationships and all about community building.  Our Link and Lead Practitioners must have a link to an organisation that has become a member - in the area of a community hub.   There is a small fee that indicates organisational and locality interest in the issue of relationship health

When an organisation has a minimum of 3 professionals who have completed Level 1 online training then they can progress the Organisation Certification steps:
+ Getting Started Certification  (At least 3 level 1 links and Relationship Health in the development plan
+ Progressing Certification (At least 1 Level 5 practitioner who has a development role in taking forward relationship health skills building 
+ Committed Certification (Working with an Advanced Practitioner and taking forward Parent skills development in adults and young people)

Level 4: Lead Training

A Relationship Health Link is a professional who has the support of a member organisation and at least Level 1 online completed. The Link role equips you to offer initial conversations  recommendations

A Relationship Health Lead is a professional who has completed Level 1-3 training and is working with an Organisation to take forward engage courses and study support for a relationship health personal or professional learning journey.  

Experienced professionals can apply to join the professional training pathway on completion of Level 1 training.    Leads can work with I Matter Direct as a free lance practitioner or with a member organisation as an employed practitioner. They can work with Level 5-6 practitioners to progress a planned programme of relationship health skills development opportunities with 1:1 and group coaching.

Level 5: Lead Plus Certification 

Level 5 Lead Plus Certification is intended for those in a senior lead role in their own schools or other organisations.

The focus is on thinking about the needs of your organisation as a whole and about how to take forward the relationship health skills curriculum for young people and adults..

You will work with practitioners at all levels of experience and with your senior leadership team to make a local difference.

Level 6: Advanced Practitioner Training

Level 6 training is for experienced licensed practitioners with therapeutic training and skills in working with adults and with young people and in leading groups.

The focus is on working with situations where there is complexity and a need for a longer term view and a community building approach.

You will build a network and a team of practice in your community and take forward training and an individual case load of practice.

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A Key Benefit of Organisation and Professional Development

As an I Matter Informed Relationship Health professional you can help your own community progress their skills through being someone who understands the Level 1 prgramme.  If you become licensed to deliver  the I Matter Engage programme this is a way of starting conversations with those in your community

Remember this is an approach that needs team work and senior leadership support! 

And a longer term strategic view.

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To practice as an I Matter Informed Relationship Health Practitioner you will need certification and a listing on the I Matter Relationship Health Practice Directory

The Directory lists organisations and practitioners.  Its function is to provide a point of reference for the general public that those listed have agreed to adhere to our best practice guidelines.

If an organisation or practitioner does not maintain their standing they will no longer be listed.


PLEASE NOTE:  This tool is still under development

So... you can progress your studies in your own time, in the comfort of your own home, potentially anywhere in the world

  • Each lesson is presented in video, audio and text to suit your learning style.

  • Includes worksheets, activities and bonus resources.

  • Accessible from any computer, tablet or device.

  • Downloadable so you can work offline.

  • NOTE:  In Level 1-3 training the resources are licensed for your personal and professional development only.  If you progress you can use the resources with your own clients in accordance with our protocols if you are listed on the I Matter Relationship Health practice directory.

Relationship Health Personal and Professional Training Includes…

Self-study Training:

At the heart of the Level 1 Relationship Health Personal and Professional Training is access to the self-study modules, delivered in a private membership site.

Course: Access to training modules, always available for self-study at your own pace and in your own time zone.

Lessons: Downloadable and available as text, audio and video to suit your learning needs. Most lessons are under 15 minutes.

Workbook: print or fill in online to deepen your learning.

Resource: Resources initially licensed to you for your own use only.

Extra Resources List: Optional books and websites to deepen your learning in the areas that interest you most.

✓ Option to join small group study support with Leads

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Regular Live Discussion and Pre-recorded Content

During live classes, you will meet other students and get some accountability to finish the course.
You can join extra  live classes if needed as you need to help you graduate

✓Level 1 1 Getting Started Workshop and Fundamentals and Course Forum calls

  You can pre-submit questions and listen to the recording if you can’t make it live.

Access to a private forum for students and educators only.


All students receive digital copies of my books included in the course.

eBook bonus: Relationship Health:  The Missing LInk in Children's Wellbeing

 Recorded discussions about book

 Additional downloads



✓ How do we meet a child's emotional needs (a decision making flow chart and discussion)

✓ 3 months free membership of monthly webinar programme

✓ Growing library of resources Library of discussions with professionals and parents




Dr Cathy Betoin is a practising clinical psychologist, an experienced teacher and a parent.  

The I Matter Framework emerged gradually over more than 20 years in clinical practice in response to a sense that something important was missing in our approach to helping children and families. Then it became clear the issues involved all relationships.

The I Matter Learning Journey is designed as a training programme that can help professionals and non-professionals develop a shared language across home, school and community.  The language of the I Matter Framework helps to bring a huge well-evidenced research literature together into a practical cohesive approach to inform some urgently needed shifts in our decision making and approach.

Jacqui Wilson trained as a Gestalt Psychotherapist and practised as a foster carer for many years 

Jacqui worked with domestic abuse services and in the CAMHS service and with schools taking forward the early development of the I Matter Framework with Dr Cathy Betoin.

She now plays a key role in taking forward the development of relationship health practice in the Kendal area.  

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The next programmes start shortly

You will need to complete an expression of interest first 
Non-professionals must have the support of a certified link professional



£590 or £325 x2



















Getting Started Tuesdays 7.45pm
Option for individual consultations 
Small Group Monday 4-5pm GMT Communication Matters Tues 6.30-7.30
All sessions recorded
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Have you still got some questions - please get in touch!

Satisfaction Guaranteed - or your money back!

We’ve been providing I Matter informed relationship health  education to professionals and non-professionals for over a decade. We have hundreds of satisfied students so and we are confident you are going to LOVE this course!! We know it changes the lives of our students and the lives of the families they work with.

We want you to feel really good about this investment in yourself and your future. So if you try out the preparation content and if it doesn’t meet your expectations just email us within 7 days and let us know why, and we will refund your money.

Refunds must be requested in an email within 7 days to be eligible. You will be required to give feedback to demonstrate why you did not receive the expected value. Refunds are not available for change of mind so please read through the curriculum carefully before you enrol. You cannot progress past the preparation content in the first 7 days unless you choose to waive your right to a refund.


All students receive digital copies of my books included in the course.

eBook bonus: Relationship Health:  The Missing LInk in Children's Wellbeing

 Recorded discussions 

 Additional download



If you are a licensed practitioner

✓ Creating and Pricing Your Packages

✓ Conducting Free Interviews with Potential Clients

✓ Software and Legals for your own practice