The I Matter Relationship Health Learning Journey: 
Helping You to Improve Child and Adult Mental Health and Wellbeing

 Professionals and Determined Parents-Carers-Partners: Your Mission (should you choose to accept it) is to personally help improve outcomes for anxious or challenging children, young people and adults - and for yourself - by learning about the overlooked issue of Relationship Health - and its implications.  As you study you will keep in mind a focus child or family so as to equip yourself with vital knowledge and skills that can make an immediate difference in home, classroom, clinic and organisational practices especially with the vulnerable child - AND - you can gain valuable CPD certificates ..AND what's more... you can enjoy the process on the way!  



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Welcome to the I Matter Relationship Health Five Steps Learning Journey.  My name is Dr Cathy Betoin and I am a practising clinical psychologist and an experienced teacher.

People come to this site with a variety of starting points.  Some just want to learn more about an I Matter Approach.  Some want to learn how to address a specific concern.   We encourage you to become clear about what you want: Are you looking for help with
   + Awareness of relationship health
   + Preparation for relationship health
   + Strengthening of relationship health
   + Recovery of relationship health

Completion of the I Matter Five Steps Course helps you learn about the I Matter Framework for Preparation, Strengthening and Recovery Journeys.  An understanding of the I Matter Framework is needed to tackle an I Matter Challenge.   An I Matter Challenge involves a personal commitment to using the I Matter Learning Journey to improve Relationship Health with a specific child (ie the Strengthening, and Recovery Journeys).    

The I Matter Framework helps to address child and adult wellbeing and linked outcomes as it sets out a very clear way of integrating essential implications of the research evidence in a language that helps professionals and parents work together.   An understanding of the I Matter Framework prepares you with strong foundations for your very important role in supporting children's healthy development and wellbeing and building effective provision.. 

An I Matter Learning Journey has several stages 
i) I Matter Awareness:  Take part in some introductory level training through a programme run with I Matter Leads in member schools and services)
ii) I Matter Five Steps Core Online Learning Journey: Inform yourself for your role in supporting children and families at work or at home through completing the Five Steps (RED).  Take part in theory to practice study support to help you with the implementation of your learning - core group and supplementary learning groups
iii) I Matter Extended Journey: Deepen and extend your understanding of the lived applications of I Matter in your own direct role in supporting children who are anxious or challenging with longer term needs eg in a classroom setting or specialist facility ( RED and YELLOW)  

iv) I Matter Supporting Others Develop your skills in supporting other adults on an I Matter Relationship Health Learning Journey (eg in Pastoral roles or Specialist Clinic Services) ( RED, YELLOW with a clinic AND GREEN)

DISCLAIMER:  I Matter offers an educational programme and is not a substitute for informed local professional help. If you are facing current challenges with a child, please ensure that you seek out locally informed support. We are working with members to increase the availability of clinic services.

What's the Need?

  • You can see the pressures children are facing 
  • You want to make a difference in your role
  • You are confused by conflicting advice
  • You've want to increase help for families
  • You want to strengthen relationships
  • You are not sure where to start
  • You're unclear about what to focus on
  • You know you need support for you too

How will I Matter Training help you help children?
 When you and your team understand what is happening at a deeper level when you see challenges  - and when you understand your own key role - and take a step by step approach - everything looks different and your decision making will change

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Confusion to Clarity

Training in the I Matter Framework offers a way of understanding everyday and complex problems that just makes sense. You will start on strong foundations.

Results Focussed

An I Matter Approach helps you and others to work together.  It helps you focus on the skills you and your child need to see results on the details that matter  

Extended Support

We plan for a longer view - You've got time to find your feet and focus on the details without hunting for a quick fix.  This is a learning journey that takes time for everyone.

A Carefully Stepped Plan


First you choose a child that you are concerned about and want to think about as you work through the training 


Then you spend time studying the I Matter Framework in more depth to understand what the research says


We help you putting your learning into practice to support healthier happier relationships around your child


"If more professionals understood the implications of the I Matter Framework the impact would be huge on our practices.   I am excited to be part of making a difference" 



An I Matter approach helps you to help all your relationships

The Steps of the I Matter Core Programme 

The I Matter Training Core Programme is all about learning the basic I Matter framework focussing on your own direct relationships with children in home or work roles.  Some parents who access the core programme via an I Matter Clinic get additional support through an assessment and recommendations process and focussed coaching

Step 1: Acknowledge the

First Steps: 

In the First Steps Course you are introduced to an I Matter Approach and to some of the initial starting ideas

Step 2:
Become Informed:

The I Matter Intensive :

The I Matter Intensive introduces the core theory on which an I Matter Approach is based 

Step 3:
Take Care of You Take Stock:

Check In:

In the check in process we explore how to use assessments to see what the next steps and priorities are

Step 4:
Develop Routines:

Watching Affectionately:

This is a theory to practice stage in which we focus on supporting the routines that will support progress in everyday situations 

Step 5:
Fine Tuning:

The Skills of the Wellbeing Wheel

The I Matter Network and Wellbeing Wheel explore the everyday applications and skills

Thinking about Relationship Health: More Details

The I Matter Relationship Health Five Steps to Success Course is an educational programme that can inform professionals and parents about an I Matter approach. 
Where difficulties are present, more support will be needed.

Initial questionnaire (10 mins)  

Preparation Step- Approx 1 hour

You will learn about the Five Steps Process
that will help build your confidence with the anxious or challenging child
Registration for Getting Started Webinar: Tuesdays 8.00pm Week 5
Registration for 6 x Fortnightly Community Check In and Q&A - Tuesdays 8.30pm
Professional Focus Week 1 and 3, Parent-Carer Focus Week 2 and 4 
Optional Extra;  Registration for 6 week - small closed group Weds 3.45pm

Step 1: First Steps:  Nuggets and Gem - Approx 3 hours
Week 1 Getting Started Workshop/Webinar
 You will learn about symptoms of stress and

the symptoms of wellbeing so you can start observing
more accurately.  You will also learn about the I Matter
Model and how it can help you.
The Essentials of Attachment
You will have 14 days with a 5 minute clip each day on a key idea 
You will learn the process of looking out for Nuggets and GEMS

Step 2:  Become Informed:  The Pillars of the I Matter Framework - Approx 14 hours
Section 1 Getting Started Workshop and the I Matter Model (in more depth)
We will review the Getting Started
Workshop and the I Matter Model going into more depth
Section 2 Essential I Matter Ideas
You will learn 6 Essential ideas
needed for helping a child who is anxious or challenging
Section 3  An Introduction to Attachment and your role
You will learn about how children
develop in the context of relationships including your role
Section 4  An introduction to Alarm and the Brain
You will learn a powerful and
practical way of understanding how the brain functions
Section 5  How children start thinking and your role
You will learn about the way
in which your actions support your child’s development
Section 6  The power of our beliefs and attitudes
You will learn about the way
in which our beliefs & attitudes impact the way our brains work

Step 1-2 are supported by 6 x 1 hour group Q&A or by self-paced forum

Step 3   Take Care of You Build Yourself a Team:  Take Stock = Approx 4 hours
Section 1   Reviewing what's happening in your home/work setting
and getting clear about the way forward
You will learn more about the

styles of parenting-caring or teaching that most help children thrive
Section 2   Assessing the Needs: Big Picture and Small Details
You will learn how to observe
carefully so as to know what actions & skills to support & why

Step 4:   Connect and Take Charge:  Build Routines I Matter Process -Approx 8 hours
Section 1   Building Everyday routines
You will learn how routines are the
way to build connections and set effective limits
Section 2   Helping with upset feelings and conflict
You will learn about the I Matter Process

and the way of supporting with upset feelings
Section 3   Building inner resources
You will learn about how to build
up your child’s inner resources through your own actions
Section 4   Supporting with Common Challenges
You will learn about how to
address some of the common challenges seen in children

Step 3-4 are supported by 6 x 1 hour group Q&A or self-paced forum

Step 5: Fine Tuning of Therapeutic Care:  The I Matter Wheel 2 hours/pcm

The 12 Life Skills Sections


Extended Journey

Supporting Others
Supporting Others on an I Matter Journey
Advanced Practitioner Training


ALSO (once two staff members have completed Core Step 1-4)
Organisational Membership
Team Development Programme
Helping you build capacity 

More Details

More Details

The main I Matter Core Journey, is offered as a self-paced self help programme.  If you are working with an approved I Matter Professional or on completion of the I Matter Core Journey there are options to join supported learning additional discussion options.

i) Preparing for Relationship Health (before the child arrives!)
i) Strengthening Relationship Health (Everyday Challenges)
ii) Restoring Relationship Health (Raised Concerns or Additional Needs)
Joining the supported learning options requires an I Matter Clinic and/or completion of self-assessment questionnaires in the I Matter Progress Monitoring module

Sign Up for I Matter Core Programme 

Introduction sessions

information on bulk discounts

I Matter Core Programme Prep and Step 1 -2


Introducing the Pillars of the I Matter Framework

Approx 18 hours online study
Three CPD days 

Step 1: First Step
Step 2 Pillars of the \I Matter Framework

6 m access
12m access to Step 1-2 group forum on completion of Step 1- 2

Option to progress to Step 3-4

I Matter Core Programme Step 3-4


I Matter Theory to Practice

Approx 12 hours online study

Step 3: Take Stock
Step 4: I Matter Process

6 m access

12 m access to Step 3-4 community forums on completion of Step 4

I Matter Core Programme Step 1-4


I Matter Core Theory and Theory to Practice

Approx 40 hours - 5 CPD days


Step 1: First Step
Step 2: I Matter Intensive
Step 3: Take Stock
Step 4: I Matter Process

6 m access

12 m access to I Matter
Community Forums 
on completion of Step1- 2 then Step 3-4

The initial stages of the Core I Matter Learning Journey are offered as a self-help learning process

This can be supplemented by study support options from approved I Matter Facilitators
Once you have completed Steps 1-2 you can also join the membership options

Register interest in supported learning - professional programme

Register interested in supported learning - parent-carer-programme


I Matter Training

“I loved this course and learned so much”


I Matter Training

“This course helped us work better together”


Its hard to see a child who is struggling - but it's never too late to make a difference
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