I Matter Relationship Health Practitioners Programmes
Facilitators of I Matter Awareness, I Matter Core, Bespoke Advanced Practice

Professionals: Your Mission (should you choose to accept it) is to be sitting down in 24 months or less, knowing you have the ability to contribute to turning relationship health around in your school or community setting...AND with a completed I Matter Certificate in your hand, feeling proud, confident and relieved to know that you have been equipping yourself for confidence in your important roles at home and/or at work - AND... what's more you have been enjoying the process  


 Discover how the clear practical thinking of an I Matter Approach can help you feel clearer about to help children, family members, community and colleagues.  Develop your confidence via our Five Steps Programmes.



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Welcome!  My name is Dr Cathy Betoin and I am a practising clinical psychologist and an experienced teacher.

The I Matter Relationship Health Awareness Programme, is for parents and professionals of children with everyday challenges or for those needing a quick start to thinking about the issues. 

The I Matter Relationship Health Core Programme is our more in depth programme for professionals and determined parents who want to equip themselves for confidence with the child or adult who has additional needs or challenges.   

The I Matter Clinic and trained facilitators provide support for parents and professionals who are progressing through these programmes.  Supported learning is provided via organisational members with Faciliators or Advanced Practitioners where there are raised concerns

The I Matter focus is always on maximising or restoring relationship health.  We strive to provide high quality services offering a welcoming learning experience that guides you in a step wise fashion towards confidence in helping yourself and your child and other family members

What's the Issue?

  • You've heard a little about I Matter
  • You want to become more confident 
  • You have tried lots of things 
  • You have a concern about a child or adult
  • You want to learn more about how to help
  • You can commit to some regular online study

Why sign up for an I Matter Relationship Health Life Skills Programme?

 When you understand what is happening in relationships at a deeper level - things look different and your decision making will change and your confidence will grow

Confusion to Clarity

Relationship Health Life Skills Training in the I Matter Framework offers a way of understanding everyday and complex problems that just makes sense

Results Focussed

Clear guidance about what to focus on and why ensures that you and others can work together keeping focussed on results and on the details that matter  

A Longer Term View

The LIfe Skills Programme is a awareness level course.  However we plan for a longer view - You've got time to find your feet for a longer term journey if its needed.


The webinar session really got me thinking  
Then the 5 minute videos helped me think about my role and about the way forward


An I Matter approach helps you to help your child

Why an I Matter Approach is different..?

Our Mission and Your Mission... should you choose to accept it... is to equip yourself with insight and skills so you can help your focus child to progress confidently with their social development and wellbeing

Through participation in an I Matter Challenge you will carefully explore what important research evidence on children’s mental health and well-being is REALLY saying - so that in 1-6 months time, you and others will be moving forward with confidence in your important roles  to make a positive and sustained difference for one or more children - and for yourself.  

What's Included in an I Matter Relationship Health Life Skills Programme?

Part 1 sometimes known as Fundamentals Training is currently offered via organisational members as a pre-early help offer.

Step 1: 90min Getting Started webinar

We aim to Introduce you to the I Matter Approach
with a 90 min interactive session

Step 2: The Essentials of Attachment Email Course

An easy to digest 2 week course with a 
5 minute clip each day

Part 2 o the LIfe Skills Programme builds on the Fundamentals Programme - exploring the full range of skills needed for parents-carers

Step 3: 90min Taking Stock webinar

We aim to Introduce you to the I Matter Approach
with a 90 min interactive session

Step 4: The Essentials of Home Routines Email Course

An easy to digest 2 week course with a 
5 minute clip each day

The I Matter Fundamentals and Life Skills Programmes are offered in partnership with I Matter Member Organisations
supported by an I Matter trained Facilitator.  
It is intended to support a pre-early help offer as part of a process of starting conversations about Everyday Parenting Challenges.
This is a gentle course that is not intended to be for situations where there is escalation or complexity.
In these situations the more in-depth learning is required starting with registration with the I Matter Clinic for the full Five Steps Core Course

What Comes After That?  The Step 5 I Matter Wheel Life Skills Programme

If you get interested and want to learn more about how to work with your school to improve Relationship Health then there are options to join the I Matter Wheel Life Skills Programme.

This is a programme that helps you build your skills in a full range of 

The next I Matter Relationship Health Life Skills Course
will be starting on 

1st Tuesday of the month 12.00pm

Learn about an I Matter Approach to Parenting and Caring


 Happiness Guarantee

If having attended the workshop and worked through all the videos you are sure that you have not learned anything new that has helped you to think differently about how to help your child we'll give you your money back - guaranteed.
I Matter Training

“I loved this course and learned so much”


I Matter Training

“This course helped us work better together”


Getting Started helps you see relationships differently in a manner that matters 
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