Parents-Carers: Join a Five Steps Challenge
Learn about a Relationship Health Approach to
 Supporting your Child's Wellbeing  

 Discover how the clear practical thinking of an I Matter Approach can help you feel clearer about your important role with the children or other family members that you care so much about.  Develop your confidence via our Five Steps Challenge Home and Schools Programme.




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Welcome!  My name is Dr Cathy Betoin and I am a practising clinical psychologist and an experienced teacher.

We run several types of I Matter Five Steps Challenges for Parents and Carers

Everyday Awareness - Home and School Programme
Preparation for Parenting-Caring for the complex child
Raised Concerns - for parents of children with raised concerns
Parenting and Caring - Couple Life

(for more information on working with escalated needs click here)

PLEASE NOTE: We currently offer these programmes via organisational school members only. 

The I Matter focus is always on maximising or restoring relationship health.  We strive to provide high quality services offering a welcoming learning experience that guides you in a step wise fashion towards confidence in helping yourself and your child and other family members

What's the Issue?

  • You've heard a little about I Matter
  • You want to do some thinking about your child
  • You are able to give this some time
  • You could have a variety of concerns
  • You want to learn more
  • You are ready to learn new ideas

How will an I Matter Five Steps Challenge help you?

 When you understand what is happening at a deeper level - everything looks different and your decision making will change and your confidence will grow

Confusion to Clarity

Training in the I Matter Framework offers a way of understanding everyday and complex problems that just makes sense

Results Focussed

Clear guidance ensures that you and others can work together keeping focussed on results and on the details that matter  

A Longer Term View

We plan for a longer view - You've got time to find your feet and focus on the details over a longer term journey.

An I Matter approach helps you to help your child

Why an I Matter Approach is different..?

Our Mission and Your Mission... should you choose to accept it... is to equip yourself with insight and skills so you can help your focus child to progress confidently with their social development and wellbeing

Through participation in an I Matter Challenge you will carefully explore what important research evidence on children’s mental health and well-being is REALLY saying - so that in 1-6 months time, you and others will be moving forward with confidence in your important roles  to make a positive and sustained difference for one or more children - and for yourself.  

Getting Started helps you see relationships differently in a manner that matters 
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