Parent-Carers To Be: Prepare Yourself and Your Team for Your VERY important role for your child. 

 Explore the clear practical thinking of the I Matter Framework to help you feel clear and well prepared for your important role with the children or other family members that you care so much about




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Welcome to I Matter Preparation for Transition Training for Parents-Carers.  My name is Dr Cathy Betoin and I am a practising clinical psychologist and an experienced teacher.

I Matter Preparation Training for Couples and Parents and Carers has several key strands: 
i)  For new couples or parents expecting a new baby - with a chance to think about the important adult role in relationships with another adult or child and the key steps needed to get relationship health off to a strong start.
ii) For parents and carers at a key time of a child's transition eg starting a new stage at school eg at nursery, primary or secondary transitions, helping schools and parents to work together to think about the adult role with a view to putting relationship health at the centre (via org members)
iii) For parents and carers where there are going to be known complex and additional needs for a child or family member joining the family and a need for a longer term results focussed plan eg in the context of adoption or the care of looked after children (via org members)

The I Matter focus is always on maximising or restoring relationship health.  We strive to provide high quality services offering a welcoming learning experience that guides you in a step wise fashion towards confidence in helping yourself and your child and other family members

Three Preparation Options

Starting Out as a Couple or
Expecting a New Baby
Preparing for a Confident Start


Preparation for a Transition 
Eg  a new school


Preparation for Adoption or
Special Guardianship


What's the Current Issue?

  • You're looking forward to your role
  • You want to work well with others
  • You don't know what to focus on
  • You've seen conflicting advice
  • You want to start strong
  • You want to feel well prepared
  • You are a little nervous 
  • You are ready to make time to study
  • You want a supportive community
  • You're determined to do your best

How will I Matter Preparation Training help you?

 When you understand what is happening at a deeper level - everything looks different and your decision making will change and your confidence will grow

Confusion to Clarity

Training in the I Matter Framework offers a way of understanding everyday and complex problems that just makes sense

Results Focussed

Assessment and guidance ensures that you and others can work together keeping focussed on results and on the details that matter  

Extended Support

We plan for a longer view - You've got time to find your feet and focus on the details over a longer term journey.



I was looking forward to being a parent and an adopter.   
However I hadn't expected it to be quite so hard.
This training helped me think differently about my role and about the way forward

-Sam D

A Carefully Stepped Plan


First you complete a brief registration so we can recommend a customised plan.  This step helps you think about who you want to study with to build your team 


Then you spend some time studying the Five Steps and the I Matter Approach so that you can understand what the research is saying about how to best help your child.


Then we support you as you build your confidence in putting your learning into practice so as to support healthier happier relationships with your child

An I Matter approach helps you to help your child

Why an I Matter Approach is different..?

Our Mission and Your Mission... should you choose to accept it... is to equip yourself with insight and skills so you can help your focus child to progress confidently with their social development and wellbeing

Through participation in an I Matter Challenge you will carefully explore what important research evidence on children’s mental health and well-being is REALLY saying - so that in 1-6 months time, you and others will be moving forward with confidence in your important roles  to make a positive and sustained difference for one or more children - and for yourself.  

A Carefully Stepped Preparation: The Five Steps

The first stages of I Matter Training are all about awareness and your own direct relationships with children and other family members.   
We have two types of awareness course for parents-carers:  the first focussed on prevention and preparation
and the other for when there are already raised concerns.  The preparation and prevention course is based on the Five Steps

Step 1: Acknowledge the

First Steps: 

In the First Steps Course you are introduced to an I Matter Approach and to some of the initial starting ideas

Step 2:
Become Informed:

An I Matter Approach :

An I Matter Approach offers you a clear way of thinking about how to help your child develop confidence 

Step 3:
Take Care of You Take Stock:

Check In:

In a Step 3 check in process we introduce how to use assessments to see what the next steps and priorities are

Step 4:
Develop Routines:

Watching Affectionately:

In Step 4 we explore essential  foundations of building confident relationships with your child so you can start strong!

Step 5:
Fine Tuning:

Putting Learning
into Practice

Prevention coaching offers you a plan of ongoing informed support.  Some will go onto more training. 

What's Included in the Preparation Course?

The Five Steps Preparation Course is currently offered for parents expecting their first child and for new adopters

Brief Registration

We aim to guide you with a plan to
meet your needs

Five Steps To Success as a Confident Parent 

In the first stages of preparation and prevention
we introduce you to some key ideas that
will help you to help your child

Extras and Bonuses

6 Weeks of Discussion Groups

Opportunities to ask questions and learn
with others

Q&A Library

Learn about the applications of 
I Matter to a range of everyday challenges

6 months of Community Forum

Support for your learning journey.

option to join I Matter Preparation Coaching

An opportunity to extend your learning
on completion of the Five Steps

What happens if you want to progress further?

If you are a parent-carer who wants to progress on a more in-depth I Matter Journey then you must complete our in-depth registration and consultation process.  Please note: If you are preparing for the care of a child with additional needs eg as an adopter or a foster carer, then, some of this process may be delayed until the suitable moment.

In-depth Registration and Step 1 Revision

Where there are Raised Concerns 
there is a more in-depth registration process

A Consultation

In the consultation we explore your initial 
learning and talk through next steps options.

The next I Matter Preparation Courses 

starting September 2021

learn about an I Matter Approach to Parenting and Caring 


 Happiness Guarantee

Check out the first module, bonus videos and join our online community to make sure the course is right for you within 30 days. If you decide it's not we'll give you your money back - guaranteed.
I Matter Training

“I loved this course and learned so much”


I Matter Training

“This course helped us work better together”


Preparation helps you have conversations now that will matter later on.
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