Professionals: Discover an I Matter Approach to Supporting Children's Wellbeing in Schools

 Explore the clear integrated thinking of the I Matter Framework to help you find the way forward with the child or young person and their families that you worry most about




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Here at the I Matter Practice we have been training professionals and parents in the I Matter Framework since 2010.   The I Matter focus is on restoring relationship health, including the place of family relationships in child and family practice..  Our work is attachment focussed and built on an understanding of interpersonal stress regulation and trauma and the power of our beliefs and attitudes.   We believe in the power of understanding.

I Matter for Professionals has three strands
i) I Matter Awareness Training for the children's workforce and for potential referrers helping GP's and Senior Leaders and professionals from a range of disciplines to get clearer about some fundamentals of the theory on which good practice is based. 
ii) I Matter Training and coaching for teachers and teaching assistants in direct care roles for children who are anxious and challenging for those working directly with anxious and challenging children in schools or direct roles
iii) Training for practitioners and therapists who support families of children with longer term complex or escalated needs and specialist needs such as adoption support or the care of children looked after. 

I Matter Training CPD accredited courses can help you i) build awareness and ii) support access to a specialist assessment and longer term team learning pathway for parents 


What's the Problem?

  • Anxious or Challenging Behaviour
  • You don't know where to start
  • You are confused by conflicting advice
  • You've tried a variety of approaches
  • You want to help children & families
  • Waiting lists are so long
  • Difficulties often present > 9 months
  • You're unclear about what to focus on

How will I Matter Training help you?

 When you understand how to observe what is happening at a deeper level - everything looks different - and your decision-making will change

Integrated Theory

Training in the I Matter Framework offers a practical way of understanding everyday and complex problems that makes sense to everyone

Active Coaching

Theory to Practice coaching helps you to put your learning into practice so that you can work with others for results on the details that matter  

Extended Support

Options for longer term support  You've got time to find your feet and focus on the details of embedding new thinking over a longer term journey.


This approach rebuilds the hope and confidence of professionals and parents by providing a language and concepts that we can all work together with that ties elements together. It just makes complete sense

Dr Amy Lee: GP Safeguarding Lead - Kendal Integrated Care Community

A Carefully Stepped Plan: Stage 1

The first stages of I Matter Training are all about awareness and your own direct relationships with children.   The focus is on professionals who work in schools or in direct care roles.

Step 1: 

First you register your interest with clarity about the situations in which you are seeking to deepen your understanding and confidence, so we can agree a customised plan

Step 2:  

Then you spend some time studying the I Matter Framework so that you can understand what the research is saying about how to use your role to best help your focus child or others.

Step 3: 

Then we support you as you build your confidence in putting your learning into practice overtime, so as to support healthier happier relationships in your setting and role

Supporting I Matter Journeys for Parents: Stage 2

If you are interested in supporting I Matter Journeys for parents-carers then you can look at the Link or Lead role.  Accounts for parents can be funded through a variety of self funded and funded options

Link Professional Role: 

Once you have completed the I Matter Intensive you can join the I Matter Network and can become an informed Referrer.   This role is about informal support for those who are motivated to learn.

Lead Professional Role: 

If you want to support parents more actively with locally organised study support you can apply to be a Lead Professional.  The accounts for parents can be funded in a range of ways.

Advanced Practitioner Role: 

Advanced Practitioners help us with the assessment and recommendations and progress tracking process where there are raised concerns or complex needs/

An understanding of the I Matter framework helps you to help the children and families you worry about

Why an I Matter Approach is different..?

Our Mission and Your Mission... should you choose to accept it... is to develop your insight and skills in helping anxious or challenging children or young people, so as to bring about important results.  

Through participation in an I Matter Challenge you will carefully explore what important research evidence on children’s mental health and well-being is REALLY saying - so that in 1-6 months time, you and others will be moving forward with confidence in  personal, professional and/or organisational roles  to make a positive and sustained difference for one or more children - and for yourself.  

What's Included in the I Matter Intensive Course?

The I Matter Intensive is the core Awareness Stage course for professionals.   It is offered on an Anytime start basis with forum support with a multi-disciplinary discussion group and a rolling programme of live taught courses.

Introduction and Background

What is the I Matter Framework and
why is it needed?

Getting Started Workshop

Wherever possible your I Matter Training will start with a Live workshop

Module 1
Explore the symptoms of stress and
the symptoms of wellbeing and the
I Matter Model, Framework and Process
Module 2
6 Essential well researched Ideas
for understanding the way
forward in challenging situations
Module 3
Attachment Relationships - what
they are and why they matter
Module 4
An I Matter Understanding of the Brain and
the Alarm Response to threat
Module 5
How Children start Thinking - Essential
aspects of the adult role
Module 6
The Power of Our Beliefs and Attitudes -
what you need to know for your role


Weekly Group Calls 

Group calls, in some plans, are an opportunity
to ask your questions and learn from others

The Essentials of Attachment Email Course

If you are a busy person, it can be tricky making time to study and reflect.  Here's a solution!

Intensive Course Community Forum

The Intensive Course community forum provides
support and accountability to help you complete

Membership of the I Matter Network

This provides a range of extension support to help you embed and deepen your learning .

Professional Extension Opportunities

I Matter Training is NOT offered as a Train the Trainer option.  The I Matter Journey is always a personal learning journey for both parents and professionals.  However professionals can train to learn how to support others who are progressing their own I Matter Journey.  Please read our Intellectual Property Guidance

Using Assessment Effectively

Identifying social emotional needs is often overlooked
especially with the older child. In this training we explore how to assess the
needs of the child and how to monitor progress.

Schools Theory to Practice Package

Opportunities for Theory to Practice
discussion and coaching to progress
your work with vulnerable children via
Organisation Membership and Schools Coaching. Organisation discount options.

Specialist Practice Package

Opportunities to deepen your 
understanding of I Matter in practical
application with families via I Matter Network Membership and the Extended Journey

Organisational Development

Opportunities for support to 
learn how to embed I Matter Principles
into Organisational practices
through multidisciplinary coaching

Lead Professional 

Develop your skills in supporting
others on an I Matter Journey in
typical and specialist roles.

Advanced Practice Training

Advanced Practitioners have a key role
in overseeing the assessment and
recommendations process over time

Options and Costs for Professionals: In Schools

The goal of the I Matter in schools programme is to equip front line practitioners to feel more confident in the process of supporting the anxious or challenging or complex child.

The core training for professionals in schools is the I Matter Intensive Plus Course - a 6 module programme with 6 weeks teaching and a 3 week Theory to Practice Intensive and follow-up discussion- cost £500pp.   If professionals are in a member school where we have a named professional Link or Lead, we can also offer the First Steps programme - a much lighter training - either via individual CPD - cost £100pp or via inset (prices on request).   


Some professionals who complete Intensive Plus will want to progress to the I Matter Network or to the Extended Journey with support to deepen understanding and skills through further intensive Theory to Practice coaching and exploration of the applications of I Matter.  The Extended Journey is a pre-requisite for supporting parents.  Organisation members can join our development programme.

You can start on the I Matter self-paced Intensive course at anytime.  You can join 6 discussion sessions which start half termly.   However if you are interested in taking part in the next I Matter LIVE Taught intensive then please Register Your Interest  Here

I Matter Training

“Training in the I Matter Framework gave me so many light bulb moments.. I love the ongoing learning. .”

Primary Teacher

I Matter Training

“I have learned so much through this course that has helped me both in work and personal relationships”


Its hard to see a child who is struggling - but it's never too late to make a difference
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