The I Matter Framework for Leaders

Foundation Intensive

Education, Health and Social Care

Leaders:  Are you struggling to know how to respond to the needs of children and families in your school or community.   In the I Matter Framework foundation intensive you will be offered a fast paced critique of current approaches to children's mental health and wellbeing with opportunities to explore what's missing and what needs to change

What's different about an i Matter approach is it starts with You and your insight and confidence so our goal is to offer you space to think


Taking forward a relationship and developmental based approach

to child and family well-being in your school and community 

As a senior leader you have an incredibly important role in setting a direction for your own community wellbeing.  However, where do you start?

Big Picture and Mindset

An I Matter Leaders Journey starts with understanding your own role and finding the right foundation ideas. We get you started.

Step-by-step small actions

You will learn how tiny apparently insignificant actions can deliver big results., and you will be able to join our challenges

A clear pathway showing next steps

This seniors intensive conference is an essential way to get you started on seeing your everyday role quite differently



Given the concerns about children’s wellbeing and workforce stress, what does the research mean for YOU, your team or role, or for the child you worry most about? The I Matter Framework helps professionals (who are also often parents) to take a careful refreshing look at important theory and evidence. Here is an approach with positive impact for work and home.   Together, we can!



When it comes to children and families no professional can work alone, but working together can be very challenging – particularly when professionals aren’t confident on a shared view.

New understanding of the impact of Trauma and ACEs raises lots of questions.  However, what exactly can be done?   I Matter offers a way of thinking that throws light on the problem and on the way forward.   However a change of direction requires determination and that is where you come in


The Benefits: 

Children and families need us to invest in longer term relationship skills and community wisdom.

I Matter can help your team to take part in a new networked approach in your own patch

Your team needs YOU to understand

in association with Kendal Integrated Care Community

Strengthening relationships one small step at a time



Case studies

Hearing from others is one of the best ways to understand and get energized about making the changes you really want. This course comes with case studies of people who’ve managed to make massive change by following our winning approach.

Supportive community

Not only do you get access to our proven course content – you also become part of our vibrant community who are here to help and support you and everyone else on your journey!

  • I Matter Training

    ““Prior to I Matter Framework Training I had had no training for work with children described as challenging. I just had to work it out. I wish I had had it before my first job and my first child. I now love my role – I am much more effective” ”

  • I Matter Training

    ““This training brings all the theories together into something so practical and accessible (School Nurse)”

  • I Matter Training

    ““This training has provided answers that I have been looking for for 30 years.” (GP and Parent)”

  • I Matter Training

    ““I love I Matter – I know it can help so many families but my Head and colleagues in my team don’t get it. Please can you help!” (Teacher and parent)”