Information for Professionals about I Matter Training

Helping Parents and Professionals on an I Matter Journey in Your Setting

Information for Professionals about I Matter Training

The I Matter Framework and linked I Matter Training Journey offers a carefully structured psychoeducational and therapeutic intervention based on a back to basics integration of the research evidence on what children who are anxious or challenging and their families need to thrive.  It is built on an understanding of attachment theory, interpersonal stress regulation and the power of our beliefs an attitudes.

It comprises a structured journey supported by a set of resources consisting of the I Matter Q baseline and follow-up assessment protocols, a supported online training journey, course notes and resources and assessment checklists and linked materials.   

The I Matter Journey can support professional CPD and clinical intervention training - with a focus on understanding the role of the family
It can support families who want to feel better equipped to help their own child.

The step by step learning process is described as the I Matter Journey. For a summary of the research basis evidence base on which the I Matter Framework is built please click here.   We offer two sites.   This one:  and

  1. What is I MATTER ?
    1. The delivery of I MATTER training is supported by our I Matter Training Ltd - a Social Enterprise that is run as if it were a not-for-profit structure - with the longer term mission of maximum reach of I Matter Framework and intervention.  Our goal is the benefit of children who are anxious and challenging and their parents/ carers, to improve relationship health and quality of life, driven by parental and professional insight and confidence.
    2. I MATTER TRAINING aims to addresses the intervention gap for children with mental health, developmental and trauma based challenges, taking intervention out of specialist centres and clinics into the child's community and environment.   
    3. IMATTER TRAINING offers a graded intensity adult/carer-led intervention focussed on improving the confidence of adults and young people with challenges in the process of improving the relationship health of children with a range of mental health and developmental challenges, from children with early emerging challenges to those with a fully escalated presentation.
    4. I MATTER RELATIONSHIP HEALTH TRAINING addresses the short term or longer term difficulties that emerge in the adult-child relationship. It is an intervention method with purpose designed I Matter Q baseline and follow-up assessment protocols, a supported online training journey, course notes and resources and assessment checklists materials.  Step-by-step priorities and are identified following the I Matter Journey.
    5. I MATTER TRAINING helps adults/carers to interact in different ways to more effectively improve everyday moments including the insight and communication skills of adults and children commonly found when there have been developmental needs and trauma based experiences. The IMATTER specialist assessment and intervention protocol identifies the adult-child child's relationship health profile and child's developmental needs and the adult/carer's existing skills, building and extending their relationship health and communication techniques.
    6. I MATTER TRAINING does not aim to 'cure' or fix difficulties; instead I MATTER offers an approach that encourages each participant in a family or community role to aspire to their own highest level of individual insight skills and relationship health. The I MATTER intervention encourages and empowers adult/carers to help them feel confident and competent in maximising their support of their child with challenges  - enabling adult/carer's to develop their own skills and ultimately become effective advocates for their child.
    7. Professional training is available in order to certify professionals in the use of I MATTER TRAINING in clinical practice.
    8. I MATTER TRAINING aims to maximise the reach of I MATTER  through our global 'train the trainer' programme, where we gain user feedback and measures of social worth.

  2. The need for I MATTER TRAINING
    1. One of the best predictors of a child's life chances is the health of their adult-child relationships in the early years.  However even in the later years of a child's life, restoration of the health of relationships is a powerful predictor of improved health and wellbeing
    2. Currently high numbers of children are presenting with mental health and developmental challenges but underlying relationship health needs are often missed. and consequently so are the needs of their parents and carers
    3. Relationship health needs which are closely linked to Language and communication skills have a significant impact on a child's s ability to convey their mental and physical health needs and are recognised as a key factor underlying behaviour that challenges.3,4,5 These skills are likely to affect a child's mental and physical health outcomes, their likelihood of social exclusion, their educational attainment and chances of finding employment.6,7,8,9
    4. As a graded intervention, an I Matter Training psychoeducational and coaching approach can lay in place critical foundations for early intervention or more intensive Adult/carer-led therapies such as those based on intensive coaching or video feedback . interventions that focus heavily on direct with the child often miss the relationship health element of many common challenges.  I Matter Training is an intervention that has the potential to improve the wellbeing of the whole family in a sustained way as they develop their confidence and therefore alter their longer-term trajectory in life.
    5. Families across the UK and globally have identified a gap in effective interventions that develop the skills and confidence of adults 
    6. I MATTER TRAINING is the only relationship health focussed intervention of this type in the UK and RELATIONSHIP HEALTH MATTERS CIC is currently working with others to develop a research base and clear protocols
    7. The first developments were undertaken early in 2010 with a community practice and support to children with  a wide range of challenges notably in the areas of adoption intervention.

  3. The evidence for I MATTER TRAINING
    1. The I Matter Framework is the first intervention for children that draws together a practical practice model that integrates an understanding of the child's development in the context of relationships in the home and community.  The language and approach has wide appeal for everyday parenting challenges as well as the most complex
    2. I MATTER TRAINING is not seeking to replace other evidence based interventions.  Instead it aims to locate them in a clearer context or Framework that is designed to support engagement of parents and carers and young people as active participants in the intervention process, not just as recipients of treatment  
    3. Case studies in clinical practice evidence change in relationship health and parent confidence and child wellbeing for primary aged children in mainstream, for children adopted and looked after, for children with communication needs and challenges, for children seen in paediatric and CAMHS services 
    4. Our follow-up research indicates that years later parents and carers refer to the impact of I Matter Training on their everyday practices.

  4. How does I MATTER work?
    1. I MATTER offers a carefully structured early engagement process which is effective in working with adults in varied degrees of overwhelm.  In the early stages we focus on developing core insights and understandings that subsequently equip the adult to feel confident about a longer term journey
    2. Adults/carers work with their I Matter practitioner to identify step by step goals informed by the assessment information and I Matter Five Steps Journey.
    3. Adults/carers undertake 30 minutes daily online study with weekly support as well as short intensive periods of interaction with their focus child focussed on building relationship confidence through positive interaction experiences. I MATTER is then generalised in everyday natural interactions of the child, reducing the barrier to transition of skills into the child's real world.
    4. Adults/carers can progress their I Matter journey with low intensity or high intensity supportive coaching.   We offer some standard packages and some bespoke packages that are designed to meet individual needs

  5. What are the Benefits of I MATTER TRAINING?
    1. I MATTER implementation has been successfully provided in mainstream and specialist schools and services 
    2. The I MATTER  'train the trainer' programme is under development in the UK with intent to extend the capacity for individual centres to become centres of excellence developing I MATTER training in their own context with updates and support from RELATIONSHIP HEALTH MATTERS CIC
    3. I MATTER TRAINING works to support improvements in a complex multiagency context
    4. The I MATTER TRAINING programme is relatively low cost and has relevance in a wide range of settings.
    5. I MATTER TRAINING monitors quality standards through annual updates, conferences, implementation trials and user feedback.
    6. I MATTER TRAINING aims to supports bid and grant applications to extend implementation trials, research and social worth measures.
    7. To date training on the I MATTER FRAMEWORK has been undertaken only in the UK. We are currently exploring requests for training and international grant applications.
    8. In addition to the UK based trials, I MATTER is potentially an intervention that can be replicated in Low and Middle income Countries (LMIC) demonstrating its potential for incorporation into existing world health provision delivered in communities, with a focus on culturally appropriate, feasible and scalable delivery.

  6. Who can train in I MATTER?
    1. I MATTER introductory/ awareness e-learning is suitable for service leads and professionals from health, education and social care. click here and for supported parents
    2. IMATTER Stage 1 training is suitable for parents and professionals in direct roles with children.   Stage 2 certified training is suitable for professionals (speech and language therapists, clinical/ educational psychologists, psychiatrists, specialist teachers, therapists, social workers and specialist nurses) who have experience of working with families of children aged 2-25yrs, particularly those interested in progressing to Stage 2
    3. I MATTER Stage 2 training is suitable for professionals who work with parents and carers where there are complex or escalated social emotional difficulties eg in CAMHS, Tier 3 and 4, Post adoption support, Care of Children Looked After
    4. I MATTER is now available for accredited clinical training; for training inquiries, please complete the online I Matter training registration form or email:

  7. Becoming a I MATTER  Accredited Lead Professional, or Advanced Practitioner and Trainer
    1. An I MATTER 'Train the Trainer' package is under development to enable  organisations to become accredited I MATTER LICENSED PROVIDERS in their local area, supported by our social enterprise RELATIONSHIP HEALTH MATTERS CIC
    2. To become an I MATTER Advanced Practitioner, professionals must complete Stage 1 training and progress to becoming a Stage 2 facilitator
    3. I MATTER Lead Professional. I MATTER Lead Professionals will receive IMATTER training materials including online access. I MATTER  Associates receive validated trainee applications who have completed and submitted online I MATTER registration. An Associate fee is paid for local PACT training courses in a specific area.
    4. We aim to assist Stage 2 Advanced Practitioners in progressing to becoming an I MATTER Accredited Trainer, . This will require evidence of successfully implementing an I MATTER COMPLEX NEEDS INTERVENTION with complex needs cases
    5. To become an I MATTER Accredited Trainer, practitioners must co-deliver IMATTER training courses in their own locality with support from an I MATTER senior consultant.
    6. Franchise/ License. (aspirational) Our Franchise/ License comes complete with I MATTER training materials, a recommended pricing structure and discounted rates to reflect our social enterprise mission and goals.  IMATTER practitioners develop their own I MATTER training video clips based on the I Matter Framework concepts and in their own language as appropriate, including:
      •  video clips illustrating teaching of of the I MATTER concepts
      • I MATTER whole session videos
      • 4-6 I MATTER case studies, illustrating video clips of a IMATTER case progressing through the stages of IMATTER JOURNEY

      A Senior I MATTER Consultant will review and approve the training resources prior to the training course.

    7. We intend that an  I MATTER Franchise/ License allows I MATTER trainers to advertise I MATTER training courses in their local area and incurs a 5% of turnover paid to RELATIONSHIP HELATH MATTERS CIC (plus an optional 1% premium to subsidise less advantaged areas, countries and charities).
    8. I MATTER Franchise/ Licenses will be renewable, with the franchisee submitting feedback and data on I MATTER training, further I MATTER videos for fidelity rating and information on quality control standards.
    9. RELATIONSHIP HEALTH CIC asks I MATTER Associates/ Franchisees to provide data to measure social worth of I MATTER training (how many trainees implement IMATTER , number of children benefiting, parent/carer feedback and how I MATTER is delivered in local services).

  8. I MATTER Research
    • IMATTER Research. We intend that I MATTER centres of excellence that have received full I MATTER certification will be encouraged to undertake I MATTER implementation trials to test the acceptability, feasibility and adaptation of IMATTER in their cultural context. I MATTER senior leads will provide research support, including advising on methods, measures/ assessment and outcomes, depending on individual requirements. please contact us to discuss your project/ trial.

  9. How To Apply For Subsidies And Discounted Rates

    A range of discounted rates and subsidies are available through our bursary scheme:

    • Group discounts/public sector/charities - 15% discount for groups of 15-24 delegates and on post training certification needs

    Organisations may provide information on the application form to check their eligibility for appropriate discounted rates. Individual quotations are provided with the appropriate discount, where applicable.