I Matter Wheel Awards

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The I Matter Wheel Awards

The I Matter Wheel Awards is the core certification for professionals and determined parents-carers who want to evidence that they are I Matter informed and have a good grasp of essential applications of an I Matter approach

The Awards evidence in particular that you have
+ completed the online content AND
+ taken part in discussions around the implementation of I Matter Principles 
+ understood and can explain key concepts.

The Bronze Wheel Award is offered in member organisations for parents-carers based on Fundamentals training
The Silver Wheel Award is based on completion of the Five Steps Core Online Training
The Gold Wheel Award and I Matter Mentor Awards are based on completion of the Extended Journey

The Wheel Award is of interest to
+ Parents-Carers who are preparing for a role
+ Parents-Carers who are strengthening their confidence
+ Parents-Carers who are recovering their confidence
+ Professionals interested in building evidence prior to an application for Lead Certification

The Requirements for the Silver Wheel Award
  • Completion of the Step 1-5 
  • Participation in a Getting Started personal coaching
  • Participation in min 4+3x7 small group study support 
  • Support of senior member of organisation
  • Completion of an aural assessment.
Certification involves:
  • Review of your completed course work
  • A discussion about your key learning
  • A brief aural assessment of understanding of concepts
  • Membership of I Matter Network 
  • Membership of I Matter Priorities community Forum

Award Cost   £150 for log book review and assessment      CONTACT US

Discounts are available for group licenses
Please contact a member of our team for more information on these discounts.