I Matter at Home - Programme for Parents


The I Matter Training Learning Journey Is Here To Help

In this carefully constructed learning journey you will learn how to see yourself and your child in a very new light. 

Through careful steps and supported online learning, we will show you how to move from Confusion to Clarity in the management of everyday situations

As a parent/caregiver, when you discover your own importance  you will know that the everyday offers endless opportunities for working for the things that matter most to you in your relationship with your child.   

Remember this, If you are concerned, about your child, you don't have to sit by helpless trying to figure out how to help 

When you understand at a deeper level what is happening and when you know the reasons for your child's concerning behaviours and some practical tools you can become very effective!  You don't have to be a therapist to be a wonderful therapeutic resource in your child's life. 

You will leave each step of this journey with insight and resources and practical tools to start using right away in your home

Start Date: Rolling Programme with varied dates for each step

Location: Your Home With Zoom


I Matter Training and Participation in the I Matter Challenge Is For Your Family If You Are:
  • Worried about how your child is coping with school, friends and family stress
  • Stressed yourself about how your child's anxiety and challenging behaviours and the impact on your whole family
  • Going to and fro to appointments, with doctors and counsellors but your child is still not feeling better
  • Confused about your child's emotional outbursts either at home and at school
  • Seeing how rituals and routines that are ruling the lives of your family members
  • Worried about poor sleep and its impact
  • Hearing complaints about tummy aches and often feeling sick, while Doctors say that there is nothing wrong.
  • Concerned about your child's aggression to themselves and other family members
  • Feeling concerned about your child's future mental health 
  • Feeling overwhelmed or angry and emotionally dysregulated yourself
  • Want to make a long-term mental health change for your family..

At Each I Matter Step, You Will Be Learning Critically Important Ideas:

  • Core Theory delivered in a very practical fashion
  • Learning how to be a stress detective for your child
  • Self-care and how it supports your ability to role model emotional regulation 
  • Activities for the whole family that support being together in a calmer state
  • Communication tools to assist with calming, improved emotional regulation, and long-term mental health
  • Creating routines that help support an emotionally dysregulated child
  • Learn how everyone in the family has a role to play 
  • How to deep listen to what is being said and not being said
  • What to say and how to say it 
  • Learning how to read your child's behaviour clues to assist you in choosing an intervention activity that builds more family calm


What You Will Get As Part Of The Carefully Structured Learning Process

+   An orientation to some of the I Matter way of thinking about children's well=being and why it is important
+   Opportunities to start conversations with family members 

Registration and Recommendations
+   A carefully designed process that helps you to think about what is happening right now with your focus child
+   Clear recommendations about the type of study support you will likely need to see best impact from your online learning

First Steps:
+   A cutting edge way of clearly organising a lot of very important information very fast - set out in the I Matter Model
+   A deep understanding of your own significance in your child's life
+   A carefully structured learning process that will start conversations in your family about things that matter
+   Active encouragement to make time to support reflect 

Foundation A - From Confusion to Clarity - Intensive
+   A fast overview of the I Matter Framework so that you can see the big picture - this is your map
+   Opportunities to think aloud with others about the interconnections between many things you have experienced
+   A solid way of thinking about how to help your child gain the life skills and confidence they need at home and out and about

Foundation A - From Confusion to Clarity - Consolidation
+   Support over 2 x 3 weeks to embed what you have been learning so that things can shift in a definite way in your family
+   Further online learning to consolidate your understanding of the I Matter Framework
+   Powerful posters that tell a thousand words
+   Practical assessment tools to support thinking about the way forward
+   Practical strategies that you can use and practice straight away at home

Foundation B - Watching Affectionately - Theory to Practice
+   For an intensive 3 week period gain daily focussed coaching on the details of responding with an I Matter Perspective
+   Work individually or with a small group
+   Discover the power of everyday moments

Foundation C -Everyday Applications
+   Revisit what you thought you knew about parenting from the perspective of the I Matter Framework
+   Build your confidence to a really deep level in the varied elements of your own role

Intermediate A - Thinking Developmentally
+   Drill into the details of understanding the foundations of children's social emotional development
+   Understand the process of escalation and the role of a supportive community
+   Build your confidence as a highly informed and skilled I Matter Coach

Intermediate B - Nurturing Growth
+   If your child has some additional challenges then it is important to take a long view
+   In this stage we help support you in understanding where your child is now and how to support their next steps
+   Drawing on all your learning to date, and with the support of a group who cares isolation can be a thing of the past

Advanced - Applications to Specific Issues
+   Explore the applications of the I Matter Framework to a wide range of everyday challenges
+   Be part of an exciting and informed network

When you develop your insight and skills, based on an understanding of brain science, everything changes! 


The I Matter Framework is Based On an Original Work called an Integrated Approach to Practice 

This draws together decades of research in psychology and child development from a full variety of bio, psycho, social traditions including well known researchers such as Dr. Daniel Siegal, Dr. Stephen Porges, Dr. Bessel Van Derkolk and Jon Kabat -Zin Ph.D 



An I Matter Training journey is designed to give you a careful step by step extended learning approach.   If you were to get just the first two stages of this learning journey - equivalent to 12 hours of private family support you would pay well over £1200

However we structure Your I Matter Training Investment Costs in stages in order to make it accessible and so we can work with a number of linked funding solutions

Registration and First Steps
Foundation Intensive and Consolidation