I Matter at Home



Adult-Child Relationship Health Really Matters: It can also get much much better if you know what to focus on and why. 
That is how we can help.

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Our training for parents-carers focuses on the adult as the research evidence is very very clear - if we want to help children we have to focus on adults insight, confidence and skills - that means starting with YOU.


Because you are the one who cares most.   Most importantly, you are there for the details - for the high and lows and for the daily struggles and celebrations of achievements - and for the long view. That means there are so many opportunities every day to help your child - especially as you start to understand what is happening through some understanding of the brain, and start practicing of new calming activities with your children. Through this training you will learn a way of thinking about what is happening with practical ideas that you can start using right away in your home.

Most excitingly you will start to see the the amazing changes that happen when parents become active within the care and therapies of their children.  This is true for all children - for what we call everyday parenting and for higher pressure parenting.  What this means is that you family needs these ideas even more if there are additional challenges such as ASD; ADHD and mental health.  Children benefit most when there are confident active and empowered parents too.   So there are lots of reasons to take a more active front seat in your child's care....and I Matter Training will set out the research which backs up the reasons why.

When you start to understand what is happening when your child has confusing emotional reactions, then everything changes,

So I Matter Training and Participation in the I Matter Challenge Is For Your Family If You Are:
  • Worried about how your child is coping with school, friends and family stress
  • Stressed yourself about how your child's anxiety and challenging behaviours and the impact on your whole family
  • Going back and forth to appointments, with doctors and counsellors but your child is still not feeling better
  • Concerned about your child's emotional outbursts either at home and at school
  • Seeing how rituals and routines that are ruling the lives of your family members
  • Worried about poor sleep and its impact
  • Hearing complaints about tummy aches and often feeling sick, while Doctors say that there is nothing wrong.
  • Concerned about your child's aggression to themselves and other family members
  • Feeling concerned about your child's future mental health 
  • Feeling overwhelmed or angry and emotionally dysregulated yourself
  • Want to make a long-term mental health change for your family..



The I Matter Framework draws together a very wide range of research relevant to the question of how to improve the mental health and well-being of children and young people who are struggling or challenging.  It clearly shows why it is that when difficulties are present, the key focus for making lasting, meaningful and lifelong changes needs, wherever possible, to begin at home with the child’s parents and primary carers.  The key priority should always involve restoring a state of family health and well-being taking each family’s unique culture and relationships into account.  This usually depends upon adults involved doing some careful thinking about their own role and wider relationships.


Training in the I Matter Framework via the I Matter Challenge offers parents and primary carers a carefully structured straight forward way of building understanding about what is happening when difficulties are present.  Then the aim is to gradually rebuild relationship confidence within day to day interactions through everyday routines and activities.  As every family situation is different, the extended journey structure gives each family the time that is needed to make the key changes that are needed for long term results.

With the guidance of an experienced I Matter Lead or Advanced Practitioner and their own I Matter online Training Journey, parents learn to see what the difficulties are and where the relationship has gone off track.  The goal is to then create a program of confidence building that is right for themselves and for the child.  Parents and Carers learn to re-think their daily lifestyle, restructure routine activities and provide safe but challenging opportunities for positive learning and growth, for themselves and their children.

Parents also learn how to create opportunities that allow for their child’s social development to progress and for relationship health to change and grow in a positive way. The program offers a clear assessment framework and clear and customizable developmental steps so that any parent can learn how to improve relationship health with their child at their own pace.


Assessment   An initial I Matter assessment is one of the first things that an Advanced Practitioner and Lead will ask parents to complete.  This provides a picture of the relationship as it is currently functioning and each person’s current needs.  Based on the initial assessment a comprehensive short term plan for each family is set up which takes objectives from the I Matter Challenge Learning Journey as well as some everyday homework elements.   Common initial parent objectives may include: completing the initial Getting Started and First Steps Courses and building in self-care, quality time, reducing screentimes etc as part of making space for healthier relationship to emerge 

Orientation to I Matter Thinking:  In order for parent-carer confidence to build, it is vitally important for parents and carers to become more informed and reflective about their own role.  To support this we offer and actively encourage participation in an I Matter Challenge study programme to underpin and complement any consultations that are offered.  This study programme ensures  parents and carers can work with professionals with a shared set of ideas.  What then happens is that parent-carers progressively gain increasing levels of confidence and effectiveness in their own decision making

Ongoing Training and Support  The frequency and format of ongoing training and consultation for each family is individualized and depends on progress and current objectives. It is common that parents and Lead or Advanced Practitioners would meet with the child and parents either face-to-face, or via Zoom or phone consultations. Home visits and activities in the community are also important for an I Matter Lead or Advanced Practitioner to guide parents in their most natural settings. 

To help parents understand their next steps, a Lead Professional or Advanced practitioner may use a a variety of methods as well as direct work during follow up sessions. Though we actively encourage locality based practice, online tools are used to organize ongoing communication, feedback, agreements on current and future objectives and progress reviews. In addition, parents have access to the online course library with recordings on a variety of topics as well as opportunities for ongoing discussion groups with other parents.