How I Matter Framework Training supports improved outcomes for children

When it comes to the care of children,  and particularly the most challenging and complex children,  noone can work alone.  Good practice supports the concept of a team around the child or family but exaclty what is to be achieved and why?

Gaining a shared understanding of the priority tasks at hand is one of the most challenging aspects of joined up practice.  Failure to agree on key priorities and their rationale can lead to confused advice and a lot of ineffective and sometimes harmful practices.

I Matter Framework Training is a provider of CPD accreditted training that ensures that the wider workforce system is appropriatey trained to work effectively with each other in the process of being more effective wtih supporting famlies . We offer a range of flexible family support and practitioner training services appropriate to children and young people of all ages. This holistic approach and our commitment to quality has won us the respect and support of professionals of a full range of disciplines

I Matter Framework Training approach

I Matter adopts a distinctive  and holistic approach to working with families under pressure underpinned by the evidence on the factors that predict stress and wellbeing and the risk and protective factors for children.  We integrate proven approaches to behaviour change into a supportive and effective approach that seeks to increase parental confidence in their own ability to be part of a healthy relationship with their child. This ‘I Matter approach’ brings together support for parenting efficacy, family emotional wellbeing and behaviour change with opportunities to meet with others and discuss interesting and improtant ideas.  Professionals and Parents supported by I Matter  make significant lifestyle changes that are sustained at follow-up.

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Support for children's social emotional development

One of the most concerning aspects of current practice in education and in mental health care is the gross oversight within standard provision of the emotional and developmental needs of the developing child or young person.   Our view is that the current national cuririculum is not fit for purpose in this regard and that this is generating significant stress on signiificant numbers of young people and on the staff who need to teach them.  We think this is a particular concern for the most vulnerable childr.  i

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Professional and Practitioner training - improving effectiveness

Evidence consistently shows that improving the skills, knowledge and confidence of all professionals working directly with complex children and families is vital to ensuring effective support for those who are struggling. I Matter uses a psycho-educational and coaching community focused approach.  It aims to facillitate more confident and better informed multi-agency practice through flexible, well-established, effective and evidence-based training programmes, as well as bespoke training tailored to local need.

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Family support 

I Matter Framework Training can be used to support families with a wide range of needs and challenges with a focus on to support improved adult-child relationship wellbeing and confidence.  The approach focusses  on empowering adults with a deeper understanding of children's beahviour and development thus equipping them to make informed choices 

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Community Building

I Matter Framework Training has emerged in a community context and this thinking is supported by the I Matter Community We make reference to the Commmunity Wheel a tool that has been designed to support professionals and parents in thinking about the diverse contributors to states of stress and wellbeing.  We run a range of opportuntties to support relationship building including workshops, webinars and membership sites and including paid staff and volunteers to build on community assets and capacity.

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Resources for parents and practitioners

I Matter family support and practitioner training services are always developed hand-in-hand with high quality, visual resources that are accessible to families across a range of community and language groups. We consult widely with parents and practitioners and we get excellent feedback on the quality and impact of our resources. Examples include posters, and online learning and workbooks

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Flexible delivery models

Our family support services can be commissioned for direct delivery by I Matter or through training your own local practitioners to deliver I Matter programmes and services. We also offer a popular ‘blended’ model with I Matter practitioners and local staff working together to deliver I Matter services. We can start with direct delivery and then train local practitioners to take on full local delivery as we step back. We can even train up local practitioners to deliver I Matter practitioner training.

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Embedded Impact and Outcome Monitoring 

Positive changes reported included increased professional and parenting confidence, developmental progress in vulnerable children

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I Matter Framework Training: a budget holders guide to I Matter workforce development and family support services, training and delivery models

I Matter workshops and webinars

View presentations from our workshops and webnars about the background to the I Matter Framework

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Professional CPD and Practitioner training

Our evidence-based training for education and health professionals

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Why adult-child relationships matter

Healthy adult-child relationships are positive predictors of best outcomes in a wide range of health, education, social care and policing priorities

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We carefully gather evidence of the impact of I Matter Training using a variety of formats and will be presenting more here very shortly.

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