Why Should Schools Invest in I Matter Framework Training? 

There are lots of reasons for schools to invest in I Matter Training – the I Matter Framework offers a synthesis of a wide evidence based relevant to improving outcomes for children particularly the most vulnerable.   The training is relevant, flexible, responsive, innovative and empowering across a wide range of needs and so investment offers value for money particularly for those supporting vulnerable children with SEN or EHCP Plans or with additional needs linked to a history of neglect or trauma. Parents and practitioners consistently rate our work very highly. 

I Matter’s distinctive big picture approach

I Matter is not just a parenting intervention, nor is it just a CPD add on for professionals.  It offers a big picture view and a whole system perspective on the evidence base to support decision making in home, school and community settings. Throughout our training we focus on supporting the key understandings that help relationships to bounce back from challenges.   In the delivery of our training we use the approach recommended by the very well respected Henry Intervention who  advise a focus on both the ‘message’ and the ‘messenger’ to create the conditions for change and support professionals and familiesi in the process of meeting children's needs.  This recognises that parents and professionals need supportive relationships if they are to offer children supportive relationships

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We help schools build stronger relationships with local GP's, primary care professionals and other services

I Matter  Training is designed to support collaboration and joined up thinking in the team around the child.   One of the key opportunties of I Matter training is the opportunity to build a local community of practice in which professionals and parents-carers can come together to discuss the needs of children across traditional boundaries.  When professionals join a study support group with a mixed range of professionals they get to hear about the world of work with children and families seen through a variety of different lens and perspectives.   Through nurturing these key relationships and networks the work of supporting families with challenging children can become more rewarding 

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Strong evidence base and focus on children's social emotional development

The I Matter Framework is built on a synthesis of the evidence that is key to understanding how to address challenging behaviour in children. In the first instance this training was developed as a tool to address the high levels of confusion seen in practice with children and families particularly those with them most challenging and complex needs What this process highlighted was the shocking disregard of children's developmental needs within the current emphasises of the national curriculum.

We think the most important prioirty is to get this new angle on the evidence out for discussion because some of these implications really are challenging to everyday professionals practices.   

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I Matter Framework Training is effective

It is well established that to improve outcomes for challenging or complex children it it vitally important to invest in the training of the adults who are caring for the child.    What is less well established in what should this training include and what approaches to training support best integration of the key ideas.   Therefore we make a distinctive between the content of the training and the delivery of the training.     The content has now become a structured curriculum and we are working with partners to determine what delivery patterns support best outcomes for who

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We help you deliver an innovative and flexible pre-early help solution for families asking for help

We have 10 years’ experience delivering this training and linked services ain our own area.  We like to tailor delivery of  local circumstances and priorities which can be delivered through a range of delivery models including ‘train the trainer’, direct delivery, and a blend of the two. We start with a two-way dialogue and joint assessment of needs. We can then offer our established practitioner training and family support services, or develop bespoke packages to cover all elements of a healthy start.

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We help you have a solution to support staff who are experiencing stress

High levels of staff stress and burn out are a key feature of current workforce managmenent issues.  One of the strengths of I Matter training is that it provides your team with a very clear rationale for the importance and value of their own self-care.     On completion of this training staff will have a clear and confident rationale that will support them in taking the actions that can help sustain their ability to fulfill their key roles.   Many staff report years later that their I Matter Training has been key to their ability to continue to enjoy their professional role

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We help you respond to the cuts in SEN budgets by building the skills and insight of your inhouse team 

Everywhere budgets are underpressure - not least when it comes to SEN and EHCP.   How would it be if you used some of your limited to resources to ensure that your staff were really well trained for the challenges they were facing?   We can be confident that staff wellbeing and outcomes would improve and that this would benefit pupils.    In addition when you invest in the training of your staff you will be able to build the capacity to provide training for parents who are asking for help.  This can be supported using a range of mixed funding approaches.

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Parents and Professionals love I Matter Training 

We receive consistently high approval and recommendation ratings.   We consider ourselves privileged to be offering a training that many describe as ‘life-changing’.   But don’t just take our word for it.   Speak to others and look at our feedback from some of the families and professionals whose lives have been transformed and who can now look forward to a brighter future, as well as from some of the many practitioners who describe I Matter training as one of the most important trainings that they have ever taken part in and who explain how it has improved their professional practice with complex children and adults, as well as their relationships with partners and colleagues.

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External recognition for CPD

We are still a small project as what we have been seeking to do has not been done before.   We are now CPD accreditted by the CPD standards office.  We have also been adopted by the Kendal Integrated Care Community as the central element of their child and family local strategy.

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Value for money

Because our training can be taken forward through online and blended learning our intervention offers good value for momey and can usually offer an initial step forward in a relatively short space of time.   Research consistently shows that investment in early years provides a greater return than later interventions. However we know that later intervention also matters and can deliver important and life changeing results.  Our training is competitively priced and provides clear value for money.   We also run a fund raising scheme for low income families and small schools and can support you if you are wanting to embark on a fund raising venture to support your inhouse training options for parents-carers.   Cake baking to fund your local training can be a powerful community building venture

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Holistic approach and broad application

I Matter Framework Training is relevant to the support of children of varied ages and varied difficulties and presenting contexts.   We have worked with parents of young children and parents of teens and young adults.   We have worked with children with formal diagnoses such as autism, ADHD and ODD.   We have worked with foster carers  and adopters in post adoption support packages and in prepartaion stages.  We have worked in prevention and in crisis intervention situations and in the longer term complex care co-ordination of the vulnerable child.  Because of the holistic nature of our approach, our Foundation Programme can be used as a generic local parenting pathway - meeting a pre-early help need. 

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