Copyright and Permissions on I Matter Online Resources, Posters and Psychoeducational Tools

I, Cathy Betoin of I Matter Training Ltd am the owner of all intellectual property rights in all materials provided to you via courses and resources and on the websites that are part of the I Matter Project and related materials, unless they are clearly attributed to a third party. .Copyright © 2011-2019 by Dr Cathy Betoin.

All rights are reserved for content on and on linked websites, on listed poster graphics and on assessment tools* developed under the Adult-Child Well-Being 'I Matter' Project and identified with the I Matter Logo.  All graphics and screening tools available via the I Matter Project are original.   They should not be photocopied or printed off online courses unless explicit permission for copying is indicated on the given resource.

The materials are protected by copyright laws and treaties around the world. Where I am legally able to do so. I grant to you a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, revocable licence to view this content on a computer or mobile device via a web browser, to copy and store this content in your web browser cache memory and to print limited pages from this website for your own personal, or non-commercial use.   They are not however to be used for educational or therapeutic purposes without an appropriate license in place. 

Other than for your own use, I do not grant you any other rights in relation to the materials and all other rights are reserved. In particular I Matter Online Learning Accounts are not to be shared between individuals, but are for personal and professional development only.   You are not licensed to share the contents of your account with others without specific written permission.   You should not download and print our posters from online files on the website or from any recordings or in your online courses for professional use without explicit written consent.  

If you wish to use, distribute or reproduce any part of this content (text, images, resources including look and feel) for anything other than personal use - for example for an educational or therapeutic purpose - you will need to complete the required training and set up an appropriate licence.   An organisation may if appropriately accredited,  be granted a licence to support others using these materials but participants may not use our resources for educational or therapeutic purposes, or claim to be a licensed I Matter Practitioner without explicit written consent from I Matter Training Ltd.   Lead Professionals who have this consent, are listed on the I Matter Directory

Reasons for Copyright Conditions   

These resources have been developed to assist people in understanding their child and themselves.   They are provided as part of a carefully structured training process intended to help individuals, families, organisations and communities work together to bring about positive change in relation to professional-parent understanding, of the significance of child development, brain development and the adult role.

As a project, we feel passionate about the need to value the parenting role and build a network of practice, so we aim to provide resources that are of high quality to people under pressure.  Photocopying and distributing these resources without appropriate consent represents a violation of this intent and an undermining of a process that we believe is important to the change process.  

I take the protection of my copyright seriously. If I discover that you have breached the terms of the above licence, I may prevent you from using my resources in future and may take further legal action if necessary.It is also unlawful to financially profit from or distribute another author’s copyrighted material unless written permission is obtained and it would be in violation of the ethical standards of any professional, parent, school, service or business who supported this practice.  I take the protection of my copyright very seriously and will if needed take appropriate action.

Licence Details

When you register for an I Matter Course you may be offered downloadable posters and assessment resources:

* These are licenced to parents for their own personal use only to help their your own child, If you are a professional setting these resources are licenced to you to assist you in understanding your named focus child only.  If you want to use them for more than this your school or service must be a member of the project with a lead professional and a clear Action Research Project plan within which these resources are being used.

* If you as an individual professional wish to pursue further training as a Parent Study Supporter, or Lead Professional you must become a registered member of the I Matter Project.  This fee may be waived if your organisation is a member of the I Matter Project or if you are one of our freelance team.    

As a member you will be able to purchase resources to support your own practice with families. 

* If your organisation becomes a member of the I Matter Project you will be able to purchase our resources and assessment tools for agreed purposes  as part of your agreed Action Research Project.   

Our official resources are provided with a high quality finish in our distinctive colours.Names of professional members and member organisations are listed on our searchable I Matter Directory    If you have any reason to believe that copyright has been violated intentionally or unintentionally by ourselves or another party, we ask you to let us know at the earliest possible date so that appropriate corrective action can be taken.

Please email to get written permission for any other purposes. In our email exchange I will ask to see the text and graphics you wish to use and will want to know how you intend to use them. Feedback and your ideas are welcomed.   We are particularly keen to support you if you are clearly committed to developing a community focussed process.

Thank you.

Dr Cathy Betoin


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