How to Become a Lead Professional

Lead Professionalsare the key to spreading I Matter Training across the country  through our schoools, services and communitees. Lead Professionals are individuals certified to support the Foundation A course in their communities and beyond.

Reasons to become an I Matter Training Lead Professional:

Learn a powerful way of thinking

Educate others about what children  need

Apply best theory so as to improve Practice 

Develop best practice as a leader

What Lead Professionals Do

Lead Professionals are key to the program and support other professionals and parents in their communities in gaining in insight into the I Matter Framework. Certified Lead Professionals are required to run an I Matter course at least three times per year. Lead Professionals work to a specific curriculum, tailor discussions to their participants and compile a list of local resources for help.

The Role of a Lead Professional

How to Become Certified as a Lead Professional

Lead Professional certification results from a 1-2 term training that presents the Foundation A and B course and provides in-depth instruction on facilitating a study support programme The training includes a written exam and evaluates each candidate’s ability to support the course with a variety of audiences. Lead Professionals can become certified to teach the adult or youth programme, or both.


Maintaining Certification

Once certified, Lead Pofessionals must run the course at least three times per year to maintain their certification. Multi certified Lead Professionals must teach a minimum of three courses per year with at least one course from each specialist curriculum annually to maintain certification. I Matter Training will provide ongoing technical assistance and marketing support to certified Lead Professionals to help them disseminate the course in their communities. For full details on obtaining and maintaining certification, see our certification standards.

Questions about maintaining certification? Contact us 

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It's quite simple really - we offer resources and encourage people to take time to think and learn about what is happening around them..

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We carefully gather evidence of the impact of I Matter Training using a variety of formats and will be presenting more here very shortly.

Get Started: Learn why healthy adult-child relationships and healthy communities matter for mental health, positive behaviour and healthy child development at home and in school. Then.. Take Stock and Go for Results.


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I could have been a lot more effective

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